Can't we give Treyarch some credit?

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You forgot zombies ... once I got over my initial shock at "how dare they change the formula" and just made myself play it all weekend, turns out I LOVE the new mode!

Treyarch succeeds where IW fails in that they really try new things with each game - they may not always be for the best, but at least they are trying!

Support and Specialist Packages were new, doing additional things that contributed to your killstreak was new. Survival was new (to IW). There are a lot more, most of which came later in the game's lifecycle, but were still new. Therefore, by your logic, IW is trying as well.


You keep talking about CoD gamers and their supposed "short memory". But experiences vary and opinions are subjective; maybe for some, not you, the lag is worse than it was in MW3. Maybe, for some, this isn't a game with ample customization and options. Food for thought.

SURVIVAL is zombies with mercs instead of walking dead. That's not innovation, its plagiarism.

Black OPS 2 scorestreak is probably a build off of the IW "innovation", as survival mode was most definitely a build off of zombies. Personally, I don't play zombies so forgive me if I am wrong, but I don't think things like Air Support and Juggernauts are in zombies. And, like I said, it was new to Infinity Ward, I made that clear because I knew someone would mention zombies.

Also your definition of plagiarism is not correct. If IW had plagiarized Treyarch content, it would have been a court battle for all to see. Plus, this is the gaming industry, do you know how liberally developers "build" off of mechanics other people have implemented, and some even downright rip off?
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