ok now im mad

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3 years ago#1
what the hell is the deal with these stupid black hat users stealing my stuff? allways my good stuff too just got k9 OH WAIT no i didnt some window licker on my team steals it they need to fix this bs asap its pathetic and very infuryating
3 years ago#2
Sorry man, I didn't mean to steal your stuff but I needed to pad my precious KD

*Just kidding I haven't played online for a few days*
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3 years ago#3
yeah im quiting as of now untill this is fixed its pointless as soon it will be over run with black hat window licking morons
3 years ago#4
window lickers comment makes me think you watch minnesotaburns videos.
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3 years ago#5
i do every now and then and it just seems to fit the situation as of present
3 years ago#6
"We are 100% aware that your teammates are jerks. Share Packages are legit, but the hack of a friendly package needs tuning." - David Vonderharr

Hopefully they at least leave it to where you can still get them if your team mates want or need you to. For example I have gotten a few care packages that bounced out of bounds or were accidentally thrown to where they landed on top of something. These are cases of how it CAN be a good thing. So hopefully they "tune" it and not remove it completely. Shame that a few idiots have to ruin it for the rest of us. Like they say, "This is why we can't have nice things.".
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3 years ago#7
yeah im glad to see that hes going to be fixing it as it is complete bs and not fair in any way shape or form
3 years ago#8
in cod4 you get your killstreak instant no chopper comming in to deliver it. they should do that instead, no more stealing and plus its much much faster you dont need to go open ground.
3 years ago#9
Oh look. Someone had to come in and be a smartass. I knew it wouldn't be long.

Good ol' horrible GameFAQs community. =/

Anyways TC, I agree. It's lame, but you can still get it faster if you are basically right there when it drops. Yes, I know that is hard to do sometimes, but yeah. It's the only advice I can really give.
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3 years ago#10
well i run engineer so i have to check first if it needs to be changed so they get time to take it i guess which is lame as hell

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