now i understand people's complaints about sniping ...

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4 years ago#11
the only thing that makes sniping very powerful than past installments is how weaker the guns have become in comparison ... in MW3 an ACR could drop someone in 5 shots across the map ...

now? half a mag and still ... he'll drop you ...
4 years ago#12
Cod4 had way more good quickscopers then mw2... You didnt play HCHQ which is all i played since i was on competitive teams..

Also quickscoping has always been around, it didnt really catch on till cod4 though
4 years ago#13
it was in COD4 ... but it wasn't really quickscoping since there was no faster ADS ... and besides no scoping was teh thing back then ...

and by the way ... COD4 hardcore headquarters was added when there was around 5 months left before MW2 release if i remember correctly ...
4 years ago#14
it was quickscoping still moron, just because they didnt have stupid things to assist it doesnt mean that.

Cod2 has quickscopers i still remember playing it on xbox

IT DIDNT CATCH ON TILL COD4, It was made EASY ON MW2 and Mw3, black ops 1 and black ops 2 sniping is almost identical to cod2 and cod4. I never played 3, amd sniping in the first one was terrible, but still like cod4.
4 years ago#15
hchq was added shortly after w@w came out i believe actually (take it from a guy who probably has 200 days logged on it.)

The snipers in cod4 are much better then the ones now. Simply because everything was in balance and you could be outgunned much easier (imo)

hell i dont even see competitive teams anymore on these games
4 years ago#16
quick-scopers are the only thing that disgust me. watching the process on killcam is ridiculous. i thought they'd remove that cheap crap by now.
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4 years ago#17
and here i thought this was going to be a thread about how ghost nerfed snipers and they need it "fixed". at least some people can admit sniper are still fairly OP if used the right way.

i find ground snipers, those snipers the TC called "run and snipe" style, to be a real threat in BO2. they run around checking pinch points from a distance, and are especially deadly on carrier IMO.
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