Why complain about one thing and then complain about the opposite thing...???

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I still will never understand how Assassin is any more OP than Ghost was in BOps1.

Nor will I ever understand why either were "OP"

Ghost basically hide you from enemies Spy plane.
Assassin hide you from UAV and made you immune to CUAV and EMP (well you'll still get a mini-map and non-blurry screen) but really neither was OP just overused.

I know what they did, but honestly, anyone who complained about this was just upset their UAV showed 4 dots instead of 6. UAV shouldn't be easy mode, but too many people feel it should be.
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YOU CANT PUNISH THE HOST....... it is as bull crap as anything even can be. Do you get a say if your the host or not? NO!......Oh but if your the host lets punish you......until you switch the game off and let it collect dist?

Pffft.......f****** pathetic. Use mw2 netcode.....and release a baby cod for the kids. One with quick scoping, death streaks, no ghost....abilty to see everyone on radar at all times....blah blah blah.

And release a seperate proper cod....with solid netcode, cod 4 game play...mw2 style maps...If you want quickscopezzzzz, and lag compensation...play the baby version
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This is what the internet has become:a place for people to complain to strangers about everything that doesn't really matter so they can feel some kind of validation when they agree or at least attention when they argue.
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