425 is the new UAV score requirement

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F5X_WegZ posted...
^I forget why I even quoted your post. lol

Oh I know you didn't quote me directly but I posted the same thing as the guy you qouted so I took it as "everyone" can't compare it to previous CODs. Since I too compared it to early CODs. Not trying to stir up anything just thought your post was funny because you said 2 different things and I couldn't figure out it you were agreeing with it being just as easy (like I feel it is, if not easier) or if you thought it was harder to get and thus can't compare. I agree though it's hard to compare it to previous ones as far as kills go but you can get a UAV with just a capture and a few equiptment destroys....lol. It may have needed a points boost but is still very easy to get and even easy to get rid of...lol.
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I don't get the need of all this nerfing before we get the real updates to you know make this game playable for people. Thinking about it now without hardline, it will take five kills before you can even get the UAV now. This is going to ruin TDM for me. I was ok with four, but now its getting pretty silly. UAV is not the hunter killer or the RC-XD.

Yes I pretty much exclusively play TDM and I really think if they had to do this they should have adjusted the score for different playlists. Which I think should be the case, since what K9 unit is 1700, so you will need 17 kills for that. Well unless you play Kill Confirmed which I guess from getting tags and denying will help you earn it better. I believe TDM is a fast pace mode and shouldn't be force like this to a crawl.
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don't get the need of all this nerfing before we get the real updates to you know make this game playable for people.

These are much easier problems to fix. Plus it is likely a different group of pople working on these small bugs than the guys working on the network issues. Might as well release the work that is done.
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I've been complaining about the UAV since January of MW2
it was either you show up on the mini-map the entire game (Stopping Power was almost 100% required in every match otherwise you'd get killed before you could even react) or you die from a lack of Stopping Power
Black Ops I turned my whole game into messing with a UAV. Ghost, suppressor, UAV/CounterUAV/Blackbird. If you take away the UAV 90% of people playing are absolute garbage while giving my team nonstop UAV and Blackbirds. I ended up with a positive W/L ratio through my entire year with the game
If UAV should be a 300 scorestreak like you guys want then have it effect only the person using it and not the whole team. They're way too good to be a 3 KS and always have been.
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