ITT: Rate the four multiplayer shotguns according to your KDR and preference.

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  3. ITT: Rate the four multiplayer shotguns according to your KDR and preference.
2 years ago#1
M1216 > S12 > R870 > KSG

My preference:
M1216 = S12 > R870 > KSG

The M1216 and S12 just seem to work better for me in both Core and Hardcore modes. They put more shells out and have more chances to redeem yourself if you miss (in Hardcore.) The KGS is terrible in this department... Remington isn't so bad.
2 years ago#2
I want to like the KSG so much, but it is just not happening...
2 years ago#3
i learned a ton by going to my call of duty elite weapon performance. according to the stats elite shows my k.d in this order


Pretty huge drop to the KSG, but i expected it because it is definitely the hardest to use due to having to be dead on with the slugs. That being said my actual preference goes something like this


the r870 is my most used weapon and highest kills according to elite. i love the KSG because its just so satisfying to actually get a kill with and the range on it is beastly.

the weird thing that i never realized is that 291 out 599 kills with my S12 were headshots! thats almost half of the shots. i would have never guessed. i make be breaking that one out to try again. i have my shottys diamond but i need to 2nd prestige all but the R870.
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2 years ago#4



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2 years ago#5
KDR: R870>KSG>the other 2 (don't use them)
Preference: KSG>R870>the other 2

KSG is my most used gun. Love pump action shottys and love the sounds the KSG makes. So satisfying to get kills with it.
I guess I'll have to use the other 2 eventually if I want that diamond camo.
2 years ago#6
I don't know my KDR with them but my preference goes like this R870 > S12 > KSG = M1216
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2 years ago#7
S12, M1416, R870, KSG, ------------------------------------------> Shotgun Pistol.
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2 years ago#8

S12, R-870, KSG-12 = M1216 (haven't used the last 2 online yet)


S12, R-870, M1216, KSG-12
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  2. Call of Duty: Black Ops II
  3. ITT: Rate the four multiplayer shotguns according to your KDR and preference.

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