Well, I think it may be time to make it official.

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Ikasnu posted...
CoD is stale. It's getting boring and even more so with each release. I had fun with this game at first, but now that my hype has died down and I've played it enough to get a good feel for it, I feel disappointed. I thought the game was really good at first (a 7/10-8/10 rating to put it in perspective) and now that I had time to analyze it and truly get a feel for the game, BO2 is more of a 5/10.

Call of Duty 4, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, and Black Ops are all better games. I thought Treyarch was going to be able to improve the game, the series with the bits of innovation they threw in there, but it just didn't happen. Like IW, Treyarch just released their worst product.

No, I'm not complaining, but comparing. I went back and played CoD4, and aside from the hackers, it's fun. I had a blast playing, and this goes for Black Ops as well. I counldn't get into a lobby that wasn't hacked in MW2 or WaW, which is sad, but still, I remember what they were and they were fun in their prime, but the quality that the latest CoD games have is poor, and I see nothing good for CoD's future.

I know you guys couldn't care less, but this is my last and final CoD. From here on out I will not be buying from Activision, IW, or Treyarch beyond Black Ops 2. 6 years and we have seen 6 CoD games, yet they're all the same and with increasing issues. They don't focus on making one game great, they focus on production, the next game on the line.

Your thoughts?

I feel you on this one. I don't know if I'll be buying the next Call of Duty :/ or if anything, I'll wait a bit and see people's reactions. Black Ops II is just sickening :/ Treyarch promised an amazing game, but what they gave us is the exact opposite of an amazing game. It's a POS. I can live with the Final Stand/Second Chance bs, but the bs in this game just crosses the line...
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This is my first CoD game....so I really enjoy it, but trying to complete some of these challenges is frustrating and I feel like breaking the disc into pieces.
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proudgk posted...
This is my first CoD game....so I really enjoy it, but trying to complete some of these challenges is frustrating and I feel like breaking the disc into pieces.

ha ha ha ha ha

I remember feeling that way when i first jumped into COD.
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buzzerr3 posted...
i can see what youre saying.

Its kinda sad when i can pop in the original black ops (that was made two years ago) and have more fun than im having in black ops2.

now i will mention that i like Black ops2 WAy better than i liked MW3. MW3 was nothing but aggravation to me. I would play MW3 and not have fun for one second. Me and everyone of my friends would just be pissed off everytime we played MW3. Then we would laugh and joke.. and ask eachother "why are we playing this when we are not having any fun at all?"

IM back to actually having fun and laughing with my friends while playing blops2.. I even like the new 10 point system and i like the new scorestreaks instead of killstreaks.. Hey.. it's something new for a change.

But.. with all that being said.. I still have more fun if i pop in BLops1.. MP and definatly Zombies.

And.. there is absolutly NO excuses for this game to have technical problems when its the same basic game thats been out there for many many years already..

there is NO excuse for it to have this kind of problems with freezes and lag..

But.. in their defense.. i played 4 hours today with no freezes..crashes.. and little lag

Yeah I'm glad they finally fixed most of the technical issues with this game. I'll probably stray from multiplayer and start the campaign, then just stick with zombies. I love zombies in this, it's an absolute blast.
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i hear the campaign is pretty fun.. there are some new innovations they tried this time around.

plus.. just for laughs i tried the red and blue 3-D glasses ... I had an old pair of glasses sitting around

It actually looks pretty cool in the campaign, there is some real depth to it, but obviously the color is crap