hunter killer drone how how how?

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4 years ago#1
I'm still learning the ins and outs of this series and the impression i got is that you can't double up on scorestreaks. in other words you cant have 3 care packages etc..

I was on hijacked last night and was killed after spawning 4 straight times by a hunter killer drone. While this is annoying its not completely unusual because i'm like a homing beacon for these things. the problem was that I spawned immediately each time and the drone came from the same person every time.

there is no way the guy could get them this fast. is the swarm a bunch of drones? its the only thing i could think of. also, what are the chances that every one of them hit me?
4 years ago#2
That would have been a Swarm, and there really is no way to avoid getting spawn killed by them without equipping Blind Eye.
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4 years ago#4
The swarm is a bunch of hunter killer drones but the announcer will normally say that there is an enemy swarm inbound rather than hunter killer.

They are very relentless and have no issue slamming into you repeatedly as you spawn and the best way to not get hit by them is to get indoors and stay there until it is over.

Even running blind eye will normally get you killed because the dude running beside/behind you probably isn't.
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4 years ago#5
Your enemy probably earned one, got another from a Care Package then earned another. In a "High Score" sorta gametype like Hardpoint, you can cycle ScoreStreaks extremely quickly.

Also, your team might've had people indoors and/or using Blind Eye. So, instead of a 1:6 chance it'll choose you, it might've been a 1:2 chance the Hunter Killer Drone would kill you-- and just bad luck.
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4 years ago#6
must have been the swarm then. i didn't think of that until i was typing the original post. I must have missed the announcement.

4 years ago#7
Swarms are a pain, I would have to say its the most annoying kill streak. I always keep a class with blind eye in reserve just for this. If you hear swarm is up, when the first kills you just swap to the class with blind eye.
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4 years ago#8
blind eye it is. They do a pretty good job at the perks. there are a few i probably wont ever use but some are a difficult decision to make depending on the map and game mode.
4 years ago#9
This is what got you TC
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4 years ago#10
Another good tactic for swarm is waiting it out by watching entire killcam.
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