just sold Black Ops 2...

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4 years ago#1
thank god...this game sucks. huge disappointment. i absolutely loved the first black ops and thought it was among the best games on any console. wow, did they butcher this game or what.

every mode in the first game was great. even the campaign. really liked it. multiplayer was very fun and zombies was just the best it's ever been (especially if you got the hardened edition with the WAW maps.)

but this sequel sucks. Tranzit (and zombies in general) has been ruined. the simplicity is gone. so there goes the "pick up and play" enjoyment factor for me...

zombies was the main reason i liked these games. now, not so much. multiplayer has some of the WORST maps i've ever played. totally bland.

i bashed RE6 for the longest time, now it looks like i'll be going back to get my zombie fix.

you know a game's bad when a person sells it in FAVOR of RE6.

4 years ago#2
Mr u would not/would be miss
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4 years ago#3
I like the game.
4 years ago#4
my $5 toward toejam & earl was better spent than the $60+ on black ops 2...

game blows.
4 years ago#5
No, please!!! Please stay!!! Get another copy, pleaseeee!!!!
(message deleted)
4 years ago#7
and yes. i heff to be med.
4 years ago#8
Lulz @ TC
I'm a penny in a diamond mine.
4 years ago#9
Breaking news: Having an opinion makes you a stupid person.
4 years ago#10
bryzgalov didn't like the game either
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