literally a 832 spm

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User Info: EvilZ123456

4 years ago#1
they should learn to be less obvious lol , damn cheaters

User Info: slickutica

4 years ago#2
I've have seen way higher think the best was about 8000

User Info: Wille517

4 years ago#3
Or they could be freakishly awesome, as a guy in my clan has a legit 730+ spm and hes not the best player out there that we've played.
St. Francis de Sales-""be who you are, and be that well."
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User Info: EvilZ123456

4 years ago#4
nah i don't think he was freakishly awesome , he was a master prestige and every aspect of his stats looked like it was from a cloned boosted account

User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#5
I say a 1900 spm on a Master Prestige.
Guns Don't Kill People, Lag Does~!

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