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3 years ago#1
I've been using the MSMC silenced. I've gotten up to 17 once. Thing is I usually get taken down from behind just as I'm trying to find a spot to cool down. The maps I do best on are Hijacked and Slums. I don't want to camp to start off, but I don't want to risk getting killed running around. So... I need tips. I don't have access to VSAT just yet. I'm almost at CUAV. I was wondering if I'd do better with an unsilenced weapon, drawing people toward me. I know it seems crazy, but if a few come at once, they could distract each other long enough for me to pick a couple off. Any ideas?
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3 years ago#2
It's luck of the draw I suppose, you'll be looking to try and have a lobby of people with slow reaction times or people that are just not that great.

You might want to try running something like lightweight and dexterity/extreme so you can always be on the move and get away from your last firing location (if you aren't using silenced weapons)

Naturally I would go against using high kill streaks but in order to get that you might just have to rack up your kill quota.

There shouldn't be anything against using a sentry surely or even a guardian to cover your back, either that or get claymores with scavenger to again cover your back if you're defending an area and luring people in with gunfire.
3 years ago#3
Sentry and guardian is a bad idea since if it gets a kill he won't get the title
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3 years ago#4
Might be a good idea to wait until you unlock the vsat and scavenger.
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3 years ago#5
I have scavenger. Permanent unlock. Along with ghost and engineer. Those are the perks I'm using along with lightweight and dexterity. I suppose engineer could be swapped out for extreme conditioning if I have to hold a certain area down. I've been running care package, but it seems risky because for one, I'm not guaranteed to get a VSAT and two, people flock to it in FFA. Am I using a good gun for it or would I be better off using an AR?
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3 years ago#6
You can probably take Ghost off since if the enemy gets a UAV you will only show up on one person's radar (it's FFA after all - no teams). Maybe use flak jacket or hardline instead. I think once you unlock the vsat you'll be good. You are clearly capable of big streaks and if you can get a vsat and use that to earn a second vsat you'll be set.
"Everybody panic! It's just like the Titanic, but it's full of bears!"
3 years ago#7
Makes sense. Hardline seems like a waste, but it would get me a VSAT sooner and allow me to move freely. Might just have to wait for it.
PSN: Spaghetti_Socks XBL: Scorpion1085
3 years ago#8
oen tip no one will say ti to you is to use the EMP instead of the CUAV ...

why ...? its critical to use it because it disables the target finders ... and that can be a great help ...
3 years ago#9
I've been trying this the past 5 or so days as well. Yemen is the easiest map to go on the big streaks because the spawns are more spread out and it's less of a clusterf***. The highest I've got to is 27-0 and 26-0 both on Yemen and both times I got killed while my VSAT was up and I felt like I was invincible. They WILL notice you're on a big streak and will all be hunting you down. Once you're a few kills away and they're trying harder to kill you, camp like the b****iest b**** possible. Don't take ANY risks. It's not worth it. I should've had this done long ago, but it's so easy to make 1 little mistake or take too big of a risk and get killed off a huge streak. It's too easy to die in this game.
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3 years ago#10
If you really want it get an unsilenced weapon, Flak jacket and Tac mask setup and just camp. Should be doable on Meltdown and Yemen. It's still a matter of finding a lobby full of idiots willing to run at you over and over again.

30 kills is still a lot of kills, and even with camping it still takes some luck. A lot of random things can happen. Doubt i'll try getting it any time soon. Nuclear killer looks way better anyway.
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