Different kind of glitch? Help!

#1Yeong-TaePosted 2/2/2013 3:15:19 AM
Ever since I downloaded the new patch a couple days ago, none of my progress online is being saved. I played an hour of hardcore TDM online, unlocked several camo's and prestiged a weapon, then I quit. Went back online a couple hours later, and all that work was reset back to where it was PRE-patch.

I've tried many times since then, and always the same result - the progress gets reset to PRE-patch condition every time I quit.

This is different from everyone else that says they got reset back to level 1 prestige rank 1. I still have everything pre-patch, but nothing saves since I updated.

Has anyone heard about something like this or experienced it?
Kim Yeong-Tae
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