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4 years ago#1
If someone on my team gets a care package I will offer to flip it for them if they want, if they get killed I will protect it the best I can and will only take it if the other team is going to get it and even then I give them my next one.... That being said if you didn't call it in don't try to take it this pisses me off so much. Last night I got a swarm in a care package(it about made me poop on myself) I had to jump in front of it before picking it up to kill 2 enemies I turn around to get it and see some A@@hole taking my CP before I can claim it. This is BS. And then I here him bragging on the Mic that he called in a swarm. Thanks for listining to my rant I know it is long but I feel better saying it
I am the man from nantucket
4 years ago#2
yea i dont do that i just use engineer on it if they got something sucky
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4 years ago#3
I hate that too but more I hate when playing hardcore and a team mate kills you for your CP
I finally got a warthog and boom headshot for my package and got respawned on the other side of the map

Now when a team mate is near and I see them getting ready to aim at me I kill them first
4 years ago#4
Thats the way it should be I usually get 5-6 of them a game and most of the time I actually let my teammates have them if it is a streak that I have already completed but don't just try to take peoples stuff
I am the man from nantucket
4 years ago#5
When I play hardcore I just throw a c4 by it and sit back and wait for the cp thief
I am the man from nantucket
4 years ago#6
i guess people are just stupid nowadays specially kids all the time trying to take when im right in front of it -_- i only let ppl in my party take it thats all
PSN- Majinx5
Nintendo Network ID Crazy_Pikachu
4 years ago#7
Before they fixed blackhat I used to try to take every care package I could. It was just funny hearing the guy wonder what the hell happened to his CP.

I don't do that anymore unless I'm feeling like I want to be a dick, which isn't very often. Most of the time I'll protect it for the guy.

If I get killed while waiting for my care package, I'll tell my team to go ahead and take it. Just don't let the enema get it.
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4 years ago#9
I hate CP thieves with a passion. I don't run it in Hardcore (last time I did I used the bouncing betty trick/running in front of players to get the group of the person that did it kicked), but in core I usually use it.

I hate it when people reroll my CP (no matter what I get, even if it's a UAV). Anyone who does that deserves to be hit round the head with their PS3.

What do I do when a teammate drops a CP? I stay near them, I help them kill enemies and help protect their CP. If they die, I'll continue defending it if the spawns are nearby. If they spawn on the other side, then I'll take it to stop the enemy from getting it. I would hope they'd do the same for me.
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4 years ago#10
FFS when you go to claim your pack and two other guys are trying too, just F off...

Although I died yesterday and spawned on the other side of the map and someone for my team took it, that was cool by me.
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