Trying to get into Tranzit after playing mostly Survival is a nightmare.

#1spanky1Posted 2/5/2013 12:26:44 PM
Everyone is an expert it seems like. They just run off in three different directions, all going off to a different part of the map, and I'm standing around not knowing what the f*** to do.

I do great in Survival, and when I play with sucky people that die a lot, I don't get mad at them, I help them out. But regulars in Tranzit? Nope. They have no patience and start b****ing if you go down.

It's not fun. :(
#2juker79Posted 2/5/2013 12:47:40 PM
Play solo and learn the map, mainly the bus route and drink locations. If you want a good game, get a mic, and play with others who have mics. Communicaton makes all the difference. People disperse early in the game for many reasons, some good, some selfish. Worst case, stick with the bus.
#3DemonReacherPosted 2/5/2013 2:12:52 PM
Same thing happened to me, here is my general starting strategy I now use for tranzit, this is solo however but it should give you an idea of what you want.

First I do a round where I simply earn lots of money, you are good at survival so maybe go to where the M16 is (between bus dept and diner) and simply rack up kills by yourself there, its an open area and you should hit a score of 15k soon. Next go to town, open the bank, use a grenade n that vault door and deposit loads of cash.

Next game, head straight to that bank by leaving the bus depot and going left instead, the opposite direction of the bus. If you grab the pistol on the bus you can turn around whenever you hear the denzians and shoot them, and you can jump across the lava if you have quick revive.

Grab all your cash, now use your turbine to turn on jug and sprint boost and buy those (you wont use them yet but it makes sense) and now run to the power room, on the way grabbing the bowie knife so you can one hit kill denzians and you should now have one hit kill knife till round 10 at round 3, pretty damn handy.

Turn on the power and grab the AK so you have your perks you just bought. Now from here what I do is leave the turbine by that door where you jump down the hole so I can P&P my pistol and AK, but thats just me. From here you basically want to get the galvaknuckles, get a LMG and go to the diner to get through the high rounds.
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#4juker79Posted 2/5/2013 2:29:38 PM
and you can jump across the lava if you have quick revive.

You can actually make this jump without quick-revive; changed the game completely for me knowing I could make it in multiplayer as well as solo. Go to the far-right of the lava, it's the shortest distance. Get the denzien off your head, when your health is full go for it; make the first jump your best jump.
#5DemonReacherPosted 2/5/2013 3:54:07 PM
Yup I do that too, but for beginners its best to use quick revive just incase, sometimes that denzian gets you off guard and you cant see anything. I actually did this on my very first game, I didnt know a thing about the map and I didnt even know that you could use the bus, I just ran out into the fog and played from there... it was actually really fun. I think online information spoils games.
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#6creativemePosted 2/5/2013 10:20:08 PM
get persistant juggernaut and the other perks. but at least jugg. easy to jump across the lava with that.

i normally just start off going to the diner and use the mp5 to rack up points for awhile. then get galvaknuckles if i get lucky and the hatch is in one of the first 2 spots. if not then i might try the box a few times...but i play online so chances are the randoms used up the box already. in that case i just make my way to town and get jugg and do whatever.

you can also use the teleporters but i haven't used them much so not sure how they work. is it a random location? or does each one have a set location it sends you to?
#7juker79Posted 2/6/2013 2:57:13 PM
Teleporters will always take you to a random location If you plan on fighting from a single place, always have one set up as an escape route. While the teleporters are random, there are no zombies on the other side.