literally got shot around the corner with a bullet

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sillybulanston posted...
I stand corrected.

*This garbage has been happening since at least BO1.

*non patronising pat on the back*
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Happens to me all the damn time. I've been shot through various walls that make not sense for me to have been shot through. I've unloaded half-clips into one of those drums that are scattered on cargo and managed not even a hit marker. But I've been shot through one those containers. As a whole. Yeah.. I just don't get it.

Also, being shot through corners of houses -which is actually two walls- is a little ridiculous.
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sillybulanston posted...
This garbage has been happening since COD4.

it's just plane stupid.
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iamlegend82 posted...
sillybulanston posted...
This garbage has been happening since online fps.


if there is no flame war in your topic then it was ignored
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They should change the name of the game to Wanted: The Game
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darkarceusx posted...
EvilZ123456 posted...
i was already behind the wall on my screen -.-

i hate you treyarch , i hate you

Welcome to black ops 2 comrade :)

Incorrect. It's "welcome to CoD" It's how it goes.
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i was expecting some kind of joke or a meme atleast ...

nothing to see here i guess ...
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Um, this has been happening since CoD4, just to be clear. Their servers have remained the same and this lag has always existed.
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I ran across the street, ran through my apartment complex to my building, ran up the stairs to the top floor, went in, changed clothes, made a sandwich, ate it, turned on my computer, went to, got to this board, and I suddenly died.

Watched the replay and I died in the middle of the street - so I guess I was never here
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has it occured to you that they might have had fmj?
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