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Since this game is full of lag, BS and just too much horrible people you need to change your strategy and tactics when playing BO2.

Are you sick of all the BS in COD? Like the SMG user, Shotties, QSers? I got news for you. The best counter to the SMGs, Shotguns or Sniper! Noobtube!!!! ;)

1. Look at your combat record and use the weapon w/ the best k/d ratio.
2. Carry a SMAW and tube people trying to capture B Flag. (Works wonders on HIjack B Flag)
3. At level 40 unlock the RPG and replace the SMAW.
4. Patrol around your home flag & the B Flag.
5. When you see an enemy as you peek around a corner, step back and toss C4 in his face.
6. In the lobby look at the players. Are there any clans in there, if so leave.
7. Look at the Leaderboard. Remember the names of the top 4 players in the the lobby. If only one of them is on your team leave.
8. When the match loads, hit circle-circle-select. If you're the host leave.
9. After you capture your home flag, run to B Flag. If you're the only one running to B Flag leave immediately! (very important because you will probably be the only one jumping on B for the entire match)
10. If you get stuck with garbage teammates after trying to get into a good lobby, just go into combat training and level up your pistols. Guns like the KAP40 and B23R dual wield are potent as hell. Go get them and try again later.
Guns Don't Kill People, Lag Does~!
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So... Use explosives. Already doing that.

Also. LOL.

And also: If they have Flak Jacket, you should leave, too. Since everything will be null and void.
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