Any SCAR users out there?

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User Info: A_Sevenfold6661

4 years ago#1
The SCAR is a beastly weapon, IMO, and I was wondering if anyone thinks the same. I know people prefer the AN 94 or FAL, but I think the SCAR owns all of them.

I was also thinking some of us could make a party of nothing but SCAR users and show everyone what it can do! my PSN is Dark_Shadows_A7X. Hit me up if anyone is down. :D
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User Info: Isoflurane

4 years ago#2
too much recoil for regular TDM but its got a hell of a kick in HXC. ive been loving hxc lately.
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User Info: supertomato_13

4 years ago#3
Its cons far outweigh its pros imo.

User Info: Deadpool_18

4 years ago#4
It's freaking awesome.

User Info: darkstar07

4 years ago#5
i loved the SCAR when i used it but that was just when i was going for gold i try to get a gun gold then move to the next one
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User Info: destructoclaus

4 years ago#6
It's not bad but it's outclassed overall by the AN-94, imo. I don't even think it's any better than the MTAR or M27. The only thing that truly stands out about it is the reload time, which is great.
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User Info: xFalconPunch

4 years ago#7
I find the Scar-H is okay.. but the AN-94 is better. I don't really like it in this game though because of it's recoil and slow fire rate. Surprisingly, it's the AR I'm best with.

User Info: elchris79

4 years ago#8
Practically it's fairly crap. But that THUD THUD THUD noise makes it by far my favourite AR.

User Info: Mp3fan244

4 years ago#9
I was so happy to see the SCAR make an appearance in Black Ops 2, because I have some fond memories of getting Airdrop after Airdrop in MW2.

I love using the SCAR in Blops 2, and it's as good as ever.

User Info: 3500z

4 years ago#10
It's a good weapon but as soon as I get it unlocked I usually have to move on to the SMR than to the M8A1 after 6 & 7 levels because those guns are better. The stats disagree w/ you.

Anyway, my 1.40 k/d ratio w/ the SCAR-H says hello. Nothing to sneeze at really but it's not the best gun for me according to my combat record.

IMO, it's a beast at mid-range (rare in this game) and after the buff it's even better mid-range.

Time to kill high damage:
M8A1 > FAL> SMR/SWAT > MTAR/AN-94 > TYPE 25/SCAR-H > M27

If I had to use only one AR for all the maps I would use the MTAR. I was using the AN-94 but I got bored using it. MTAR is more accurate and it's even better after the buff. :)
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