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3 years ago#21
Whats your clan name?
PSN: xScribb1e-
3 years ago#22
How many more members are you looking to recruit?
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3 years ago#23
Im adding people to.. Just look up "PlaySN" and apply.. Would love more people to join so that i can rank up and get more people doing challenges.
"Write it down on your hand if you don't trust your head."
3 years ago#24
2 A's, clan name is Dome splitters and im at 5 members would like atleast 10.
3 years ago#25
need 2 more
3 years ago#26
Just asked for friendship. I usually play solo but have a mic. I'm bored with losing and hoping someone will follow me to B. I have a 1.01 W/L ratio and a 1.16 K/D ratio, but again I play solo so I'm hoping to improve. I'm 30 and usually play randomly from 10am Eastern to 6pm depending on how much work I have that day (work from home) for two hours or so. Anyone else can add me but I'm looking for a clan really. Wyattkyle11
PSN: Wyattkyle11
3 years ago#27
Ill join but only if you make me leader and refer to me as "the great one" every time we play together
-------Guns dont kill people, dangerous minorities do--------
3 years ago#28
3 years ago#29
ASAPBryaan posted...

-------Guns dont kill people, dangerous minorities do--------

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