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Do you think they'll be an all zombie DLC? (Archived)Wileyx2253/11/2013
Anyone else with a horrible w/l ratio because of this? (Archived)Vrresto63/11/2013
Can anyone help me with Tranzit trophies? (Archived)xTheGrieverx13/11/2013
from KSG to m12 ... im screaming rage. (Archived)Zed7777ZR163/11/2013
Wish I wasn't a garbage player at Call of duty. (Archived)
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If they include more zombie maps (Archived)shotyme73/11/2013
wow!!! (Archived)copycat200843/11/2013
Laggiest game in the series... (Archived)
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no one cares if you get vsat-dogs-swarm if your overall kdr is bad (Archived)
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People who actually know how to play Die Rise (Archived)april_20th13/11/2013
Nuke Town Zombies Help!! (Archived)AlexxPB33/11/2013
Can somebody explain what these guys wanted to do in Die Rise? >_> (Archived)
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Is this game unplayble for you? (Archived)
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If I get the season pass when all the DLC's are out, (Archived)spidey123343/11/2013
Why are my freaken bookmarks/ recent games disappearing?! (Archived)Ali G spot13/11/2013
high maintenance issue? (Archived)Anarchy61223/11/2013
Can I Reset My Zombie Stats? (Archived)ThatOnePotato103/11/2013
How much do you enjoy this game? (Poll)runaway041783/11/2013
I cannot wait for BO3 Zombies. (Archived)innosentevil73/11/2013
High Maintenance (Archived)
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