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lol at black ops 2 (Archived)kol500143/9/2013
This is BO2 90% of the time for me (Archived)UAE8843/9/2013
knifing is the only way i can have fun in MP (Archived)TannerPLG103/9/2013
Anyone else do worse in a party? Or is it just me? (Archived)rpink220743/9/2013
Is having a OPEN NAT type a big difference than a MODERATE one? (Archived)trumooch13/9/2013
WTF? treyarch (Archived)blegit9733/9/2013
C4 needs to get nerfed (Archived)
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The crawling zombies in Die Rise are glitchy. (Archived)Fillergames23/9/2013
240-1 "unofficial world record" (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
League play is the best for match making...why not use it ALL THE TIME?! (Archived)
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Haven't played since January ... has the lag comp been adjusted yet like MW3? (Archived)
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OMEGA RUGAL133/9/2013
Some people seriously don't know the definition of camping. (Archived)
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Can't prestige master? (Archived)carnage--1623/9/2013
Zombie rank rant (Archived)Falling Down93/9/2013
handgun headshots (Archived)Anarchy61253/9/2013
Dolphin dive (Archived)iCheckz103/9/2013
Help die rise (Archived)sil3n3s_kill3s33/8/2013
So I used Fresh Start (Archived)Knightmare112883/8/2013
Unable to join game session. (Archived)The_Joegernaut23/8/2013
COD history lesson ... things that we never liked but still added each time ... (Archived)
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