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How do you "gameshare" the DLC? (Archived)CarbonFibre23/9/2013
zombies waiting for host (Archived)Baron-Von-Brick33/9/2013
i thought golding the shield was easy ... untill ... (Archived)
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so in order to get matchmaking back to its former state for me , i have to delet (Archived)Zed7777ZR183/9/2013
Black Ops summed up in 1 video (Archived)fantasytactics43/9/2013
How can i get nuketown 2025 map? (Archived)Anthonyana23/9/2013
Old Zombies vs. New Zombies (Poll)
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Ways To Improve Peacekeeper At Close Range ? (Archived)
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How hard would a no-death Veteran run be? (Archived)Eab199043/9/2013
PS3 or Xbox Players (Archived)
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SMGs are still potent, mainly MSMC (Archived)3500z13/9/2013
Modern Warefare 3 or Black Ops 2? Which is the better game? (Poll)OMEGA RUGAL73/9/2013
been away curious about something (Archived)Dragnridaz43/9/2013
lol at black ops 2 (Archived)kol500143/9/2013
This is BO2 90% of the time for me (Archived)UAE8843/9/2013
knifing is the only way i can have fun in MP (Archived)TannerPLG103/9/2013
Anyone else do worse in a party? Or is it just me? (Archived)rpink220743/9/2013
Is having a OPEN NAT type a big difference than a MODERATE one? (Archived)trumooch13/9/2013
WTF? treyarch (Archived)blegit9733/9/2013
C4 needs to get nerfed (Archived)
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