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Tower of Babble anyone? Need 1-2 people (Archived)guitarheromasta311/30/2012
ANBU is a prohibited clan name?? (Archived)
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Umm...How exactly do I change my search preference to "BEST"? (Archived)AlexxPB311/30/2012
Had my first real performance issue last night. Local match. (Archived)dougsdad0629111/30/2012
So my game froze while loading a map in Multiplayer. (Archived)AlexxPB711/30/2012
What the hell? (Archived)Chadkg5411/30/2012
B23 is better than Chicom (Archived)elchris79311/30/2012
C/D Do Clans that live locally of each other perform better than clans that dont (Archived)slickutica111/30/2012
So how the **** do I slow my connection down??? (Archived)KBGiantsfan411/30/2012
Combat training question (Archived)Unit1027711/30/2012
this game spawn system is terrible (Archived)
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Soo gold gun glitches? (Archived)jabagoo911/29/2012
Campaign challenges? (Archived)xPainisCupcakex611/29/2012
LMGs are badass! (Archived)
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Any active CoD Elite clans recruiting? (Archived)Mistandheat111/29/2012
Spent 11 Hours On Ziggy (Archived)
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Any secret wonder weapons in the campaign? (Archived)guitarheromasta311/29/2012
am i the only one that thinks... (Archived)
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Accidental Gold gun Glitch? (Archived)D1E_NASTY511/29/2012
MP7 is the only gun I need, just like MP4 on BlackOps1 (Archived)Joeydollaz511/29/2012
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