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Post your top five guns..... (Archived)
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How is the UAV spam? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
anyone else a big fan of the scar? (Archived)DawGOfDMX311/23/2012
:'( No sleight of hand? (Archived)GutarFreak511/23/2012
Its not that bad (Archived)Haahahaha111/23/2012
Why do you guys keep paying for the same thing every year? (Archived)
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Can someone show me proof 3arch promised Zombies in all MP maps? (Archived)
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why am i always host?! (Archived)opinion_invalid411/22/2012
welp that's that (Archived)
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How do you get a video onto youtube and what is codcasting? (Archived)Jason_A1011/22/2012
perma quick revive question. (Archived)ekgoalie34411/22/2012
Is that.... Liam O'Brien? (Archived)SaiyanMexican311/22/2012
i can confirm you can get the perma-revive perk in custom games (Archived)creativeme711/22/2012
Anyone wanna play some Hardpoint? (Archived)jcrest87111/22/2012
How to destroy enemy killstreak equipment? (Archived)
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*Spoilers* (Archived)OssimFace511/22/2012
Tomato sauce. kelp. foreign policy. cardboard box. (Archived)John_Marsten211/22/2012
How do I (Archived)UltimaXOmega1011/22/2012
How do I get the new map? (Archived)8Sunshine6811/22/2012
What were the "Magikarp" guns of CoD? (Archived)ReignInDeath611/22/2012
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