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I was silver rank 30 then I won a match then I jump to gold rank one. WTF (Archived)
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If you like obj games and have a SPM higher than 375, add me (Archived)r3flexx611/20/2012
So its safe to assume the spawns need a fix. (Archived)
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This Game is 100% Trash (Archived)
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Why does it always freeze? (Archived)8Sunshine6211/20/2012
Zombie Mode Question (Perma-Perks and Regular Perks) (Archived)Ragnarok-dot-WS511/20/2012
Sniper Frog and Lag Compensation (Archived)
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Are there any good players who play seriously? (Archived)Kraven_XRLKB111/20/2012
Crossbow Direct Impact (Archived)RiceManDan311/20/2012
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Ballistic Knife: Art of War (Archived)FakeFoolio311/20/2012
Score, W/L, K/D (Archived)RiceManDan411/20/2012
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custom class glitch?? (Archived)RHS_1111/20/2012
OK so is it good if you're rank 18 (Archived)wildcats137511/20/2012
How do you guys feel about Noob Tubing? (Archived)helvinek83511/20/2012
Guns and guns (Archived)MyWifeBeatsMe211/20/2012
I can't deny it anymore... Black Ops 2 sucks balls (Archived)
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Would you buy a COD game if there was no multiplayer? (Archived)
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Let's list the things that need to be fixed (Archived)
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