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It's awesome how every object in this game is the perfect height to hide... (Archived)DaMainMoogle411/21/2012
Am I the only one who thinks this game is an improvement from mw3/blops? (Archived)
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Hard Wired should protect against Guardian (Archived)reptyle101511/21/2012
Knifing is absolutely useless in this game. (Archived)ChocoboDreams511/21/2012
Mp7 prestige (Archived)haziqx311/21/2012
Turbine = Cliffside from WAW? (Archived)p06111981411/21/2012
so apprently ( SP ) when you want the enemies to throw grenades at you ... (Archived)Zed7777ZR11011/21/2012
can we play gungame/one in the chamber with bots? (Archived)theknot7211/21/2012
Tips for a CoD newbie? (Archived)koga_wolf_demon1011/21/2012
I've had it. The final straw for me. (Archived)
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Whoo! Got My Gold Combat Knife! (Archived)
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Is it me or is the knife just plain ****ing useless? (Archived)ReignInDeath1011/21/2012
I don't like how you have to charge your bullets. (Archived)anRPGoverlord511/21/2012
Gold M1216 and S12 (Archived)RiceManDan811/21/2012
Rapid Fire reduces range? (Archived)Weiland101211/21/2012
im at a club right now and. (Archived)hyperpowder311/21/2012
Do you keep your levels in Multiplayer if you delete save and game data? (Archived)Bat178411/21/2012
Anyone for zombies? (Archived)Diablo56789711/21/2012
ATTENTION: Camper Haters (Archived)SoulAssassin226611/21/2012
Black Ops 2 is the VIETNAM of todays shooter generation (Archived)dealaday611/21/2012
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