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Can anyone successfully render a clip? (Archived)mega_boi_e715311/18/2012
Joining in a started match... (Archived)Dark222611/18/2012
How do you qualify a weapon (Archived)slyratt111/18/2012
Ballista is the greatest sniper riffle in video game history! (Archived)
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who else is lagging bad now? (Archived)
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Iron sights on snipers (Archived)StraydoG511/18/2012
Rank the CODs? (Archived)MuzzyYT711/18/2012
3D gaming (Archived)masterkyle211/18/2012
Guns feel different to you? (Archived)xXVonte903Xx711/18/2012
For everyone who just camps all day (Archived)AtelierCorvus811/18/2012
Does anyone feel like TDM is more free for all? (Archived)MGSKojima311/18/2012
does scavenger replenish (Archived)EvilZ123456311/18/2012
Just a note to all the people looking forward to ghost perk at level 55 (Archived)
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anyone else notice this or have this happen (Archived)tkworldwyde911/18/2012
anyone interested in joining a clan with a youtube channel (Archived)
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How do you level up in zombies? (Archived)Luigi786311/18/2012
CoD Ripped Us Off Again... (Archived)bradley453511/18/2012
do you think UAV/CUAV/VSAT assist should be more than 10 points in SnD? (Poll)Masterpie3000211/18/2012
C/D it is acceptable to not play the objective..... (Poll)MahoganyTooth92511/18/2012
Dualshock 3 and Xobox 360 Controller (Archived)
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