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didnt get nuketown 2025 from buying it today (Archived)fenc0712411/18/2012
Does anybody use player-controlled scorestreaks? (Archived)reptyle101111/18/2012
Zombies: Concerning Rounds Survived and other Tranzit questions. (Archived)Charged151311/18/2012
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Least favorite map(s) so far? (Archived)
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freezing on zombies (Archived)ozdude182111/18/2012
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I have a 2.00 F/MP ratio since the patch! (Archived)xMessiahbolical111/18/2012
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What programming language is Call of Duty written in? (Archived)
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Does anyone else get slowdown at the start of each match? (Archived)Weiland101211/18/2012
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sign if you havent touched campaign mode (Archived)
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Different endings(ending spoilers) (Archived)canadianchuk311/18/2012
Anyone else think Turbine is unbalanced as hell for objective games? (Archived)Soul Reaver4511/18/2012
UAV is way underpowered (Archived)
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How many free Maps should Lazyarch give as compensation for the issues on PS3? (Archived)sgr8711/18/2012