I just hope they have more Weapon Variety this time then BLops 1.

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Blops to me had the worst Weapon Variety that Ive ever experienced in a CoD. I know some might disagree with me here, but all the weapons just felt the same, or was too underpowered to use. Now I did like the special weapons they did add like the Death Machine, and the Ballistic Knife. I hope they expand on that. I'll wait for some gameplay to decide on the game, but I just hope it has more Weapon Variety. Oh and Better Hit Detection.

Im interested to see how they go with the setting, but with all the other games coming out this year, I probably wont get it day one. Too many other games might destract me this year like Halo 4, and Playstation All Star Battle Royale.
Welcome to Gamefaqs, where games can get hated on if they change too much, or not at all, And if a game takes inspiratoin from another its a Carbon Copy.
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Welcome to Gamefaqs, where games can get hated on if they change too much, or not at all, And if a game takes inspiration from another its a Carbon Copy.
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Weapon variety was the most bland within the assault rifle category. Barring the Enfield and Galil, every other gun had a near-statistical clone, or a sibling rifle that fulfilled the same role in gun balance.

The variety was a bit more, well, varied, within the LMG, shotgun, and snip--well, forget about snipers. There was the L96A1 and the PSG1. Let's just pretend the other two options didn't exist. Within the SMG category, you pretty much had the high damage, low ROF guns, and the low damage, high ROF guns. But, in my opinion, none of them were all that exciting to use. Most of them just felt like little toy guns/hitmarker machines rather than viable combat options.

But yeah, I agree with you, and hopefully putting the game in a near-future setting will add a bit diversity to the weapon variety, especially if they decide to buff player health, too. 6-8 shots to kill with a gun shooting at 937.5 RPM (like the FAMAS/AUG) isn't so absurd sounding if everyone is wearing some kind of wacky SPARTAN-style armor or something.
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Yea Im highly interested in the setting. Im a little hyped for E3 to see a campaign level of this. As for the weapons, the only weapon I liked to use was the H&K Something cant remember its name, it was the LMG. Im gonna wait and research the weapons, and gameplay before I start judging the game though.
Welcome to Gamefaqs, where games can get hated on if they change too much, or not at all, And if a game takes inspiration from another its a Carbon Copy.
#5GuitarHero171Posted 5/1/2012 4:58:07 PM
I just hope that sniper rifles are usable this time around. The L96A1 having the highest damage was borderline useless when its accuracy was god-awful. The PSG1 was alright, but I found that I was getting hit-markers with it far too often. Maybe they could throw in some retro weapons this time around (Like how they had WWII weapons on that Reznov flashback level. That was cool.)
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actually is only the assault rifle category that is bland, in the smg category it was more varied. you had smgs that were neutral like the mp5k and mpl while there where smgs woth ar traits like the kiparis and ak74-u prepatch and lastly smgs that are more like machine pistols like the pm63 and scorpions and they were all fun to use. in the lmgs the hk and rpk could have been better but the m60 and stoner 63 were actually good. shotguns every shotgun had a defining trait for example the olympia had a beast range for a shotgun but only two shells, the stakeout was consistent and had a good ramge but a mediocre rof, because it was pump action. the semi auto shotguns: the spas and hs10 had same rof but the spas had the advantege of a silencer that didnt take any range away. the hs10 while having a mediocre range had the abilty of being dualwield so you were invencible at cqc (well almost invencible).

in conclusion there was a weapon variety however most players didnt look for it as they were with the almighty famas
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