Zombies Confirmed!!!

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User Info: Lukar115

4 years ago#11
Dark_Dash99 posted...
Gameninja521 posted...
Since this is in the future, then that means none of the original characters in zombies :(

why not? they were somewhat in COTD and that was set modern. they will have just aged 13 years

Well, they blew up Earth at the end of Moon, so unless we're getting more zombies in SPAAAAAAAAACE, then I can see them either rebooting the storyline, or choosing an alternate path with it that doesn't end with the planet being blown up.
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User Info: kickyourass2112

4 years ago#12
I want robot-zombie hybrids.
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User Info: BrownPack

4 years ago#13
Hopefully if they have a playable girl character in zombies, when you dive to prone, she won't still grunt like a dude.
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