Call of Duty Brown Ops.

#1SiLVeR_420Posted 5/1/2012 10:12:20 PM
Didnt see alot of colours besides brown and blue in that trailer.
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#2Shah138Posted 5/1/2012 10:12:46 PM
I thought I saw yellow and orange
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#3KIDNAPPERZZZZPosted 5/1/2012 10:15:59 PM
Keep in mind this is just a 2 minute trailer of an unfinished game.

But, yeah wouldn't surprise me at all if the game looks exactly like this on release
#4Soul_On_DisplayPosted 5/1/2012 10:20:11 PM
Let's wear plenty of protective clothing or else we're going to get hurt playing around all those jagged, pixelated edges.

(can't tell for sure that the edges are smooth or not but not holding breath)
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#5EpicVGKingPosted 5/2/2012 2:22:30 AM
The graphics suck.
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