My two cents on how BLOPs 2 will turn out

#1A_Dirty_LiberalPosted 5/8/2012 5:23:25 PM
The game could be good. It could even be the best FPS ever, but it wouldn't last long. Even if the game achieved an absolute perfect balance people would still start whining and treyarch would mess its own game up due to "community feedback".

Over the past few games the community has gotten more and more "tryhard" and make foaming mouthed complaints at even the most fair kill. Consider this: the under barrel grenade launcher in MW3 cannot kill you at full health unless it's a direct hit. Blast shield users are pretty much impervious to the under slung grenade launcher. The usefulness of the old "noob tube" is far outclassed by the usefulness of a silencer or even an optic in some cases. Yet while using grenade launchers for challenges in my attempt to get all gold assault rifles, I've got some of the most foaming mouthed hate mail I've ever received.

The community isn't mature enough to accept that anyone killed them legitimately, and based on foaming mouthed complaints activision will pressure treyarch to "tweak" game balance. They will release a patch that will nerf the "next overpowered thing" that everyone will be searching for at launch in a lame attempt to boost up their K:D. After that's patched the community will start whining about the next most common thing on their killcams. Eventually, all the variety will be of the game will be lost in an attempt to satiate the whiners.
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Are we talking about DICE or Treyarch?
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I dont think there would be as much complaining about guns if they would just give us dedicated servers. Lag free no i got the drop an shot half a clip in you and you shoot me once i die if we had dedicated servers i dont think the guns would seem as bad. Homefront did it and they didnt have one quarter of activisions money they have no excuse!!!!!!!
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jsanl2 posted...
Are we talking about DICE or Treyarch?

neither they both are bad
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Yes the terrible immature community is by far the worse thing of the franchise