To the people who say panic knifing is better reflexes......

#1WhooKilledKennyPosted 8/29/2012 6:36:34 AM played on default before I switched to tactical in black ops
the reason why I switched was because I would randomly hit the knife button sometimes and knife the air while needing to shoot. As a side effect when I was surprised in cqc my fingers would slip or press down on the knife button on analog by accident and knife people I never intended to knife. I didn't deserve the kills, I didn't react I panicked and therefore got the knife. That being said panic knifing isnt the problem, the problem is burger king's not even attempting to use gun skill and knifing you through bullets like its no big deal. Never bring a gun to a knife fight in Call of Duty
#2fatclemenzaPosted 8/29/2012 6:41:14 AM
We know the knife is dumb and always has been

The people who think knifing is pure "reflexzes n takticool skillz" are morons and probably have 1.1 k/d
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