Getting Wii U version

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4 years ago#1
+better graphix
+tablet features
+pro controller support
-Smaller community
U-Mos for SSB4!!!!
4 years ago#2
getting the 360 cause all my friends are on it,and there not getting the wiiu but i am getting zombi u.
it does what its told.
4 years ago#3
+nex gen
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4 years ago#4
think ill get it for both
Any Goat on a cliff would tell you that..
4 years ago#5
Ive only got money for one.
U-Mos for SSB4!!!!
4 years ago#6
I didn't know this was the Wii U boards..
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4 years ago#7
Well at first I was gonna get for 360...
U-Mos for SSB4!!!!
4 years ago#8
Enough of these threads.
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4 years ago#9
Also imagine how bad everyone will be lmao
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4 years ago#10
WiiU........You mean the console were Nintendo is finally going to catch up to MS/Sony for 6months or so until the true next gen consoles come, they say the darndest things. Lol
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