zombie details leaked

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A build of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 leaked out onto the web last week. The folks at Treyarch got in touch with us to say that contrary to the leaker's claim that the leak belonged to the 'retail version', it was in fact a demo build, which the developer had used for testing.

Despite the apparent lack of content in the demo build, the files contained within it have been reported to reference content players can expect to see in the retail version once it's out.

Folks from the se7ensins forums, who've had a chance to tamper with the files, posted that Black Ops 2's new Zombies mode contains a variety of mutations, or modes, to provide some variation in gameplay.

These include:

- Classic
- Survival
- Race
- Meat
- No Mans Land
- Turned
- Returned
- Grief

It's unclear whether all of the names refer to game modes, or if some of them refer to specific maps in Zombies Mode.

In addition to the possible modes in Zombies Mode, the folks on the forum report that the regular multiplayer version of Black Ops 2 contain the following maps, and describe them as follows:

Carrier Chinese Supercarrier. Open engagements on the deck, with great close quarter fights through the hull.

Cargo Port of Singapore. Good for close quarters engagements and verticality.

Drone Hidden drone facility in the heart of the Mynamar jungles. Great long engagements down the center, fun close quarter fights through the facility.

Express Los Angeles bullet train station. Good long to medium engagements up and down the bullet train tracks.

Hijacked Luxurious super yacht. Frantic, yet controlled close quarters engagements.

Aftermath Set in a ruined downtown Los Angeles after an invasion.

Meltdown Pakistan nuclear power plant. Battle for control of the nuclear cooling tower and the surrounding facilities.

Nightclub Floating resort in the middle of the Indian Ocean. Tight corners and angles throughout.

Overflow Peshawar, Pakistan. Great urban engagements in the flooded streets.

Raid Fight through this hillside mansion, in the Hollywood Hills. Hectic close quarters engagements.

Slums Run down section of Panama. Great close quarters engagements and tough chokes to fight over.

Socotra Urban streets of Yemen. Tight alleys and close quarters engagements.

Turbine Wind farm in the steep hills of Yemen. Fight across the different tiers and angles.

Village Originally Yemen

As with all the previous leaks for Black Ops 2, I'd suggest taking this in with a pinch of salt and assume that nothing you see here is final.

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I wonder if Turned will be an "infection" game type?
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Mewtwo_soul posted...
I wonder if Turned will be an "infection" game type?

i saw something like this were you in fps mode of a zombie with the hands and everything i thought it was fake, it wasn't a video or anything it was an article
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Sounds like it might be legit. But sadly its probably not.
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Will the fantastic four return? (eg. Tank, Nikolai, ect.)
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