Are there, by chance, any videos of weapon tests?

#1ItIsAPsyBorgPosted 9/26/2012 9:57:05 AM
As a veteran, I would like a clear answer to the following questions:

- How much recoil is there?

- How much sway is there?

- How many shots to kill on average?

- How high is the average ROF compared to other CODs?

While this game is obviously better than MW2 / MW3 as shown in the hours of gameplay videos out there, I can't be sure of how it stacks up to other CODs unless I have a clear answer to these. A weapon test video would remove any doubt.
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Much, much needed bump.
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There's just "normal" gameplay. Anything besides that would be taken down by Activision as soon as it gained any momentum.
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Watch Out We Got A Veteran Over Here
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TC, did you mean "veteran" as a veteran of CoD or a veteran of the military? If you meant CoD, you might want to clarify that to avoid confusion; if you meant the military I can hardly see how that's relevant.
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Someone flip a coin to see if TC is a troll.
You know you want to.
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