Game better not have "ghost bullets" - bullets that dont register when fired

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Pit all has to do with connection. If we had dedicated servers this wouldn't be an issue...but that's a whole different discussion.

I think PC has janked dedicated servers.
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deoxxys posted...

6 day bump..
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Don't worry, those bullets will register..As long as you're moving!

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So you're basically saying this game better not have lag?
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deoxxys posted...
i had alot of issues with black ops sniping and i live in a major city

Congested internet in city's is a very common problem.

Iv non congested high speed internet and iv only had lag problems when the hosts connection is poor.

Hit detection was never a issue for me in black ops
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Real men don't snipe anyway.
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Mumble_ posted...
So you're basically saying this game better not have lag?

only as much lag as MW2/MW3

Black ops lag was awful
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