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I have created the BEST CLASS in this Pick10 Simulator!

#1The_Big_DeekPosted 10/4/2012 11:08:02 AM(edited)

that is the best class. i used a german pick10 class simulator. picked the OP skorpion smg with 3 attachments, silencer to negate the stupid radar, rapid fire and extended clip. also picked 4 perks. 2 perks nulify the stupid grenades and explosive killstreaks, and nulify the stupid tactical flash stun grenades. took the ghost perk to be invisible to stupid radar. toughness perk chosen to eliminate the stupid flinching if i get shot first. basically the OP classes will always be 3 attachments for your primary gun. i saw the secondarys they are all crappy little single fire pistols. no machine pistols like in MW3 or MW2. so secondaries are basically USELESS. why waste a Point on it? also tactical and lethal grenades are WASTES of points. only noobs need them to get kills. a pro player only needs 1 Gun. no extra crap. why waste points? perks are the second most important, so i picked FOUR perks. i wouldve picked SIX but i need to Maximize the efficiency of the gun first cause perks are useless if the gun isnt MAXED out first. no need to waste points on anything besides primary gun and perks,

to sum it up in the Pick10 simulator:

-Secondaries are a waste of Points
-all tactical and lethal grenades are waste of Points
-Pick 3 attachments for your main gun
-Use the rest of your points on Perks

Primary Gun > Perks > Feces > All other Choices for Point Allocation.

try making your own class like i did here:

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#2Gray_wolf1119Posted 10/4/2012 11:08:55 AM
thats an opinion.
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#3DarkMarmarPosted 10/4/2012 11:15:25 AM
I will enjoy taking your 3 attachment gun with my no primary nor secondary gun and all perks class.
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#4The_Big_Deek(Topic Creator)Posted 10/4/2012 11:19:53 AM
i looked through all the stuff to use points on. i figured out the most important stuff is your MAIN gun like the FAMAS or Galil in Black Ops. then i wanted to MAX it out to its full potential.

Next, i looked at the perks. i picked the perk to nullify explosive damage. your claymores betties grenades and rcxd killstreak bombs will NOT hurt me. i picked the perk to nullify your tactical grenades as well, so your stupid flashbangs and stun grenades wont PHAZE me. it allows me to hold down a room or corridoor better.

Next, i looked for being invisible to UAV noob-dar, so picked silencer and Ghost as perk 4. i cant have noobs knowing where i am. come and find me.

so basically go through all the stuff in the simulator. youll come to the same conclusion as me. unless you cant get kills with your primary gun and need to stock up on 2 Bouncing Bettys and Claymores. but even then im immune to those cause i have FLAK Jacket. if you pick stun grenades im immune to those also. so dont waste your points on em. if you pick your secondary as a single fire pistol ill outgun you with the extended mag i have. i already ahve enough bullets to kill you. no need for a secondary. also i dont like how scorestreaks are in the pick10. its a waste to spend points on them.

so my class is:

-basically immune to explosive damage
-basically immune to flash stun grenades
-basically immune to bullet flinching
-basically invisible to UAV radar
-maxed out primary gun (your choice 3 attachments)

best class around. 3 attachments and 4 perks seems MANDATORY now.
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#5The_Big_Deek(Topic Creator)Posted 10/4/2012 11:20:24 AM
DarkMarmar posted...
I will enjoy taking your 3 attachment gun with my no primary nor secondary gun and all perks class.

good luck. youll need it noob.
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#6SinCityKidPosted 10/4/2012 11:32:04 AM
Tacticals and lethals are not a waste.
#7Keyboard7Posted 10/4/2012 12:10:00 PM
nice topic
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#8gtaking5Posted 10/4/2012 12:12:37 PM
You forgot the score streaks. Who's gonna run around with no score streaks on?
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#9Aether_LyricPosted 10/4/2012 12:14:29 PM
Rapid Fire without Scavenger on a gun that fires so fast? Good luck getting more than 4 kills

Here's my version of a tryhard SMG rushing class that I made before, it's actually pretty similar:
#10The_Big_Deek(Topic Creator)Posted 10/4/2012 12:14:55 PM
gtaking5 posted...
You forgot the score streaks. Who's gonna run around with no score streaks on?

oh i forgot to add them. went to the pick10 sim and added scorestreaks. they do not take up any points. so basically add 3 scorestreaks to my class. they dont eat up any points. i thought they would eat up 3 precisous points. they dont. thats good.
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