Since Treyarch and Infinity Ward listen to their vocal fans fairly often...

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chickenlard posted...
Cccccombo breaker there was that one time when they nerfed the FMG9's, and lag compensation not that good but they still tweaked it.

Always has to be one dumb person that says that.
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You realize you're asking them to spend a huge amount of money licensing the Star Wars franchise to make a game out of a mod that 99.99% of call of duty players have never heard of?
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I don't think developers should pay much attention to their fans. They should simply make a game that they are happy with and then release it. Movie directors don't ask for what their fans want, neither do musicians and artists, video games shouldn't be any different.

And of course I understand that money is a key driver in what IW and Treyarch do. I'm talking about in a perfect world where they are making games because they love games, and want to create something special.