I'll never understand why these yearly games are $65

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You know what tc imma tell you why people buy the game. We as human beings like repetition. If we like cod we'll buy it, if you don't we won't buy it. When you don't feel like playing a deep game and you just want to kill the time then call of duty is perfect for you. I do kinda agree on some of your points but no matter what you say people will keep on buying it not because we're sheep but because we enjoy it.
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Dude I'm trolling

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Dude I'm trolling

I completely forgot to include the word "not" in that sentence but I really was not trolling or flaming. You can buy the game all you want but sooner than later you'll realize that sometimes playing the same game isn't fun and is a waste of money.
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Why though? Why do people constantly pay $65 for the SAME freaking game every year. They'll be hype up, then buy it, complain for a year, rinse and repeat. Call of duty isn't a game, it's a brand. Somehow business managers are able to get people to buy theses products all the time like it's program into people's mind to buy it.

Because it's clearly not the same game every year. MW3 was a rehash/downgrade of MW2, outside of that each game has been different from the last.

it clearly is the same game every year. What, are you one of these people who is constantly fooled into thinking that adding different weapons, perks, maps and killstreaks every year qualifies it as a totally new game?
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Cool. I'll buy this one just so you can be mad over the internet.
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Cool. I'll buy this one just so you can be mad over the internet.

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Unlike sports games, COD games are actually sell-able.
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You should all just shush. You're going to buy the new CoD this year. And next year. And probably the year after that. Should you break the cycle you're still going to follow all the CoD news, you're still going to come to the boards and whine, and you're still going to integrate yourself in the community long after you say you stopped lending Activision your monetary support.
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