Alright...sell me on Black Ops 2.

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User Info: robulastage

4 years ago#21
Rainbow_Gnash posted...
robulastage posted...

I'll try to break it down where you can understand it.

"lots of words not commonly found in ebonics"

While your post was cool, I think you stayed from, and missed, your objective.

I thought I made it pretty easy to understand :/
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User Info: WTKstuff

4 years ago#22
I kind of agree with TC, seems like nothing really new shines through, other than the giant zombs map which should be fun
New Vegas FTW

User Info: NeonYoshi11

4 years ago#23
Step 1.) Go play MW3 for 4 hours.

Step 2.) Realize that Black OPs 2 will in every way be better than that piece of over-hyped garbage.

User Info: bulletwaster222

4 years ago#24
is zombies going to be fun?

if so im definitely getting it
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the government cant tax it!

User Info: zerooriginal

4 years ago#25
Hot women will appear in your front yard if you purchase Black Ops 2
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  3. Alright...sell me on Black Ops 2.

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