i think quite a lot of PS3 players hang around xbox COD boards

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Because this board is active. Same reason 360 people all go to the PS3 boards pre-release for fighting games.

This is why I'm here. I check the PS3 boards too, but it's much less active. Once the game has been out for a little bit, the PS3 board will be active enough that I won't need to come here anymore. It's the same cycle every year for CoD on the forums.
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I own both consoles but use my PS3 for the majority of my online gaming. And yeah, the 360 boards are almost always more active, (especially for FPS). I also owned a 360 first so I am used to posting on these boards.

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I'm a PS3/PC player and use Xbox boards for COD cause it's more active. Simple as that.

As some already mentioned, the same is for fighting games where everyone's using the PS3 boeards. Also check out the MGS Ground Zeroes forums. Xbox360 section is dead, everyone's using the PS3 board.
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I just go to whichever board is highest on the list. Right now, Black Ops 2 isn't on the ps3 list at all, hence why I'm here. It's the same game so it doesn't matter anyways.
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TC if you look on the PS3 top board you see a different set of game while 2 cod games stay on top for xbox so they come to this board and PS3 gamers are having a blast with the long list of exclusive to choose from.
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The biggest skyrim board is the 360, and most of the posters seems to be PC players.
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I have PS3 only and I'm here because it's a ghost town in the PS3 board.
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Let this topic die already you can't even find real info about this game no more with these pointless topic.