If Commando (MW2) was Perk that takes up ALL 10 Points in Create-A-Class

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Would the class that's using Commando be broken/cheap/hated/frowned upon? - Results (52 votes)
44.23% (23 votes)
55.77% (29 votes)
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You have 0 points to spend on. You bascially cannot equip anything, relying on your Combat Knife and the weapons you scavenge off of the battlefield. In return, you get one of the most hated perks in the CoD series.

There were jokes that the lunge you get from Commando can reach half a mile away; even though the distance was exaggerated by the CoD community, all the player needs to do is to teleport and knife within Shotgun Range to get a Kill. Look how far this this lunge is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cm_9uZcNdzE

More Examples:

What do you guys think?
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wouldnt really work, heck I tryed that in MW2 with lightweight and marthon as well and you really just cant go entire matches just by commando slicing.
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Maybe if the condition is 9 Points instead, Commando would be worth it.
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Commando wasn't actually as good as people made it out to be. You can still be soundwhored from a mile away.
I don't care.
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Why is there no option in the poll for "This is a ****Ing moronic idea"?
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Of course not. That really is a stupid question, sorry to say.
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