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3 years ago#11
i used to hate five
now i love it! the easter egg song just adds to its greatness
R- Executive-R
Ive got a curved sword. big. CURVED. SWORD.
3 years ago#12
Doesnt impress me at all , I rather gve away my this gen console and get an xbox1 to play BLACK cos I am that cool.
3 years ago#13
Looks like RE3 Nemesis.
Game Series that tons of people liked but I thought were terrible. - Half-Life, Mass Effect, Gears of War, Dragon Age, Skyrim.
3 years ago#14
Dark_Dash99 posted...
i used to hate five
now i love it! the easter egg song just adds to its greatness


Imo its so easy, it my first map i hit 30 solo but it did get boring around that time. If i could keep replaying the song ill never get off it.

Plus i love to be Castro or JFK

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