so ive been seeing these topics refering to people being sheep...

#1jasonkingmarkPosted 10/22/2012 8:57:02 AM
...i didnt know that liking a certain game or series made me a sheep. Wow thats news to me.

I enjoy drinking water does that make me a sheep? I mean i do pay for it every month.

So with that logic are the madden fans sheep too? What about halo fans? Street fighter fans? Gears of war?

And i know im beating a dead horse here but if you dont like call of duty, then why come here on a board of a game you dont like and complain? Do you not have a job? Not go to school? Starved for attention? other?

Just because OUR game call of duty will outsell and destroy and break records doesnt mean that your games arent decent and YOUR game will have decent sales.

On a side note i think its cute that MOH is coming out two weeks before cod. they want to make sure someone atleast plays it for a week or two before it drops off the games played online list.