Something I realized about the noob tube

#1Faust_8Posted 10/22/2012 8:59:41 PM
In the past you could always use Sleight of Hand to reload it faster. But now that there is only Fast Mags, it seems it is impossible to reload the tube faster than normal.

Just another mark against it--Flak Jacket still exists, and now you can't even fire both quickly. Though if Fast Hands is anything like Scout Pro, it will allow you to switch to it faster.

Still a good choice if you just want something to flush campers/headglitchers out, but now it's even harder to base a strategy around it. It's best use is flushing out campers or the lucky multi-kill, possibly on things like Domination flags and whatnot.
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#2Bad0CompannyPosted 10/22/2012 9:02:08 PM
I'm hoping your saying this in a grateful tone and not in one of sadness.
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#3Faust_8(Topic Creator)Posted 10/22/2012 9:09:08 PM
A neutral tone, actually. I pretty much never used it in BO unless I felt like Hardline with 3-4-5, which I was doing today just to shake things up.

But soon I get tired of my 5th kill in a row being useless and getting crap from the Care Package so I go back to my usual style of play.

However in MW2 I did have the tube on a TAR-21 class for a while simply for flushing people out, because I couldn't think of a better attachment (no need for sight, didn't want silencer, 2-3 shot kill with 30 rounds meant ExMags wasn't a necessity, and so on) so I know there's always a possibility that I might carry one on a particular gun just for that purpose. It's a long shot but still, this change may end up affecting me.

Nowadays I'm really neither for or against the tube. If people try to whore it out they usually don't do well. This was just something I noticed since I tried it out again today out of boredom.
The supernatural says that if you act a certain way you might avoid suffering. But reality says you came from the stars...
#4Top_BlokePosted 10/22/2012 10:45:22 PM
Good point, hadn't thought about that.

I never use it as i much prefer other attachments, when used properly it can be a great weapon for domination or the like, but obviously gets exploited and rarely used for it's intended purpose.

I feel explosions will be on the low and flak jacket hardly used with the new pick 10 system. Most will opt to go without equipment for more perks or attachments i feel.
#5White_Knight_01Posted 10/22/2012 10:48:41 PM
I had the thumper on a few classes in mw2. I loved using it when someone would camp next to a explosive barrel or car. A nice safe way of dealing with campers
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#6The_ShaderPosted 10/22/2012 10:58:36 PM
You could always...

Toss a nade, then shoot the launcher immediately after the nade explodes.

Personally... i spammed the Javlin/Scavenger combo in MW2 Demoliton. used SoH/Scavenger Pro/China Lake combo and used its faster RoF techinque in Blops Demo

And in MW3, there is no combo's, just an insta-Javelin vs Juggs and instant Stinger vs Assault Drones.
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