can my 15 year old niece play this ?

#11JVel91Posted 11/3/2012 7:10:25 AM
#12MrPwnzerPosted 11/3/2012 7:32:34 AM
It's the appropriate age for COD gaming, so I don't see a problem with it.
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Well she already has a Wii so you could have bought it for that instead of buying a brand new 360.

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SorasMonkeyBro posted...
It's fine, she's 15. She can tell right from wrong

You sir, made me laugh.
#15Akiba69Posted 11/3/2012 7:42:54 AM
It's cod. It isn't a deep or complex game, you could give it to a 10 year old and they would do fine. So yes op, she can play it.
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MrPwnzer posted...
It's the appropriate age for COD gaming, so I don't see a problem with it.

Well, technically it's 17 (if it's different in a different country disregard this), but I played since I was 13, with a mic and all and just enjoyed muting everyone when they got annoying. It should be fine, as long as she doesnt mind getting hit on or getting slightly sexist remarks such as "Get back to the kitchen" or something along the lines, no humour intended.
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#17MakidxPosted 11/3/2012 8:26:06 AM
I think it's ok to let her play.
But seriously mute the voice communication. No good can come out of it. It's 80% 11-year old kids raging. It's Inappropriate even for me, and I'm 21.
#18korinthianPosted 11/3/2012 8:26:53 AM
Shes probably at just the right maturity level for the average cod game. If you don't want her to hear constant trashtalking and swearing though, you might want to reconsider.
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You wanna hear my answer?

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The story line mode is pretty dark, or at least Black Ops was. I wouldn't want my 15 year old daughter playing it.

Online mode. Yeah sure, just mute most people and don't use the mic, unless you are in party chat.
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