1 more week left. What are ya playing to past the time?

#41Wolfwood44Posted 11/6/2012 3:35:57 PM
Sleeping Dogs and Baldur's Gate (Trilogy Mega Mod) on PC to pass the time.

I'd like to try out some of XCOM: Enemy Unkown's mutliplayer, but my internet is crap after the hurricane, so that's shelved (again).

And some Pokemon Black 2, though I'm kind of regretting that buy, considering turning it in as fodder for BO2.

I WAS tempted to pick up Halo 4 to pass the time and then sell it and put that money towards BO2, but decided it really wasn't worth the effort. I'm laughably bad at Halo and will just wait for BO2 for decent multiplayer.

Assuming my internet gets its **** together by next week :/
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