Some Notes on Multiplayer

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Does Barebones have the option of no Scorestreaks but everything else (perks, attachments etc) left intact?

Which game modes are in? Are TDM, DOM & KC bunched together ala MW3 or does each have a playlist?
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nath999 posted...
ZeroShot101 posted...
I don't really expect the score streaks to be harder i mean 14 kills without dying gets you swarm and with any of the Call of duty games i can get many kills without dying though it is a new experience no one will be getting those kill streaks on day 1 unless the teams are completely stupid.

lol you say that now but So far I haven't see anyone get anything higher than a hellstorm missle. This doesn't play like any other CoD,

of course it's not gonna happen yet wait about 1-3 weeks then it will start to happen won't take longer then a week for me to figure out maps, spawn etc
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I thought I'd also note that you can no longer destroy killstreaks like sentry guns or guardians by going behind it and knifing. You have to shoot it which can sometimes take an entire clip.

And it doesn't look like Sentry guns disappear in a set amount of time anymore, it looks like the enemy team needs to take it out or it stays there all game long.

Oh and one more thing you can now set a sentry up and remote control it from anywhere on the map. Going in and out of control at will.
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Does the clicking noise that happens before and after the 'commentator' speaks annoy the hell out of you?
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Afghan_Whig777 posted...
2 points for 2 tactical grenades? Thats very dissapointing to hear. I have to see how it works with scavenger, but right now, it sounds like garbage and a wast


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Crack_Fox posted...
Does the clicking noise that happens before and after the 'commentator' speaks annoy the hell out of you?

Nope, because that's the sound they tend to make.
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