why is COD4 considered the best in series?

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people wouldnt rely on getting their enjoyment simply by spamming cheap kills

Forgetting why the term Noobtube came about? Also Martydom, 3xFrag, 2xClaymore etc.
CoD4 was all 'cheap kills'.

people actually seemed to play as a team

No, no they didn't. If anything there was even less teamwork since most people fired their two noobtubes and their 3 frags randomly then ran out to get killed and drop their Martyrdom.

shoot down enemy helicopters

This never happened in CoD4. In all the time I played it, not once did I see a helicopter being shot down.

Let me guess, your still in highschool, and barely played CoD4

"You disagree with me and present far more valid posts than I have. That leads me to conclude that you must still be in high school (WTF does that have to do with anyways?) and have not played the game over which we are are arguing."

This is 80% of the people who claim that COD4 is the best COD.

But it's true. If you think any other CoD beat CoD4, you either never played it or you're bad. Both of which are a possibility for you.

Either that or they don't understand what good game design is.
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You mean derps sprinting into the bodies of the people they just killed instead of realizing they could have Martyrdom and going another route?

Please don't try and turn this into a skill thing. Martyrdom was the absolute worst thing in that game.

Skill? I...thought that was common sense for someone who's played the game longer than 1 hour...

Running away would have worked if the grenades didn't roll up hills toward you.
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Because it was one of the first games where Modern FPS multiplayer became massively available to all. It was easy to pick up and play, and at the surface had simple characteristics, but it had to be mastered and there were tactics. It was groundbreaking. It had insane graphics for a 2007 title, it had great maps, and great sound. The campaign was fun to play also.

And it did all of this before EVERYONE and their mothers made "CoD clones" and the market was saturated.
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Cod4 had a lot of issues, but it is still one of the best fps I've played.
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It was the first one people played. Like pretty much every other time people like the earlier things better.

In reality it's a broken mess online with ridiculous explosives, massively unbalanced perks and horrible linear maps that are only good for sniping and random explosives (and only ever played out with those dominating).

But it's the one that made CoD popular, that makes it good right?

You forgot to mention how the jump from COD4 to MW2 WAS HORRIBLE. They changed the game for the worst possible reason.....the fans wanted a Michael bay movie, they made it about killstraks.....they sold out
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Yeah COD4 maps were amazing. You could actually snipe in that game and be useful to your team/objective. Also Crossfire and proper bolt action rifles FTW!
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Cod 4 had campers and lag. A lot of them in fact.
MP plays better since there wasn't as much bull****.
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Oh and COD4's headshot sound was easily the best too. Amazing.
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Because people all say that the first game in a series is the best no matter what and it's ridiculous (yeah, I know COD4 isn't the first game in the series, but it was the first "modern" one - how close COD4 is to previous CODs compared to how close it is to WAW-MW3 is so big it's surprising that the second and third are even on the same system as the rest.)

The maps were in no way better than MW2's, they're arguably worse than WaW's. And people say that they like the simplicity, but if you really think about it, all of the crap in the newer games gives you days more of playing time.

No no and no
Maps in MW2 were sub par
The 'crap' in the newer games did just the opposite, it ruined the game
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I liked the W@W maps.
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