Level 45. Anybody need info or answerS?

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what do u think of the MP?
same as MW3 or betta?
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High_Warlord posted...
1. How's the hit detection?
2. What about the knife lunge? Have you experienced any knife lunge when face-to-face knifng?
3. Roughly how long does leveling up a gun take?
4. Can you view the full combat records of your friend's stats again?

1. It's not bad at all and will get even better when everyone has it.
2. No knife lunge at all from the front, regular lunge for a backstab
3. Depends on how good you are, but it took me like until level 24 to get the mtar maxed.
4. Yes you can.
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Does it feel like Black Ops 1? That game was the best CoD ever. Also, is the new stuff confusing or hard to understand at first?
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How many slots are there in file share? Please say it's more than 6 since you probably can't add anymore with Elite. Still wish you could at least store them on your HD as long as you have space and just have File share connected to the servers.
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Are you finding the maps to be fresh and diverse and colorful or bland like MW3's?
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Did they add a penalty for dashboarding? Not a big deal if they didn't, but would be nice. Thanks, TC. Also, what guns are you enjoying most so far?
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motorazrv3xxx posted...
Do you agree with the comparisons some people are making between MW3 and BO2?

Honestly, yes. First minute, i went blazing around , thinking i was baws, with my mp7....didnt end up well. ttk is, very shortly timed, after mw3. Kill feed goes fast, but not mw3 fast.

I honestly think, that the only thing slowing down the pace, is the fine maps.the middle route, is chaos. now, if you are to avoid chaosm you can sucessfully plank buy the outside.

Remember piazza? when you take the route to c fom b? you go along the the sidwalk beside the beach? its rarely coped with gunfire. Im talking about that,
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ivanchikhani posted...
Alexanaxela posted...
can you do me a quick favor? Overkill the r870 with the m1216 and go into a private match or something and see if the two guns have the same range. Meaning you're just barely close enough to a wall to get hitmarkers with the r870 and then see if the m1216 can hit the wall from the same distance?

I will do it with the three shottys. In 30 min youll ger answers. But, im telling tou, the KSG w/barrel....is rage inducing.im talking outgunnig smg.....Talking mw2 spaz crazy.

So if I'm used to using the garbage KSG in MW3, I could easily slap on a silencer on the new KSG and not feel too handicapped?
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yomi52 posted...
what do u think of the MP?
same as MW3 or betta?

Mp is good. More balanced, because the game is "noob "friendly, with low KS, but rewarding to "Good" players with high KS ,only ,imho, available through skill. Forget about, pred-AGM-aci130.

Also, guns have their purpose. Smg are finally linited to CQC, assaults For mid, etc

Soooo, id say, blops 2 . Its a game that focuses and caters to both type of players.
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DecmanC posted...
Does it feel like Black Ops 1? That game was the best CoD ever. Also, is the new stuff confusing or hard to understand at first?

No. It does not. You will, surely die in the first seconds in a cqc map.Fast paced, mw3 "style", but not hectic.

New stuff is easy.Lots of choices...lots of rewards, or fails.