One year ago...Black Ops lost 30,000 players in the blink on an eye...

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I feel that we can all agree that MW3 was the worst CoD yet.

lol ummmm yeah no.

Specialist and MOABs made MW3 the most fun I had in a COD game since COD4.

MW2 with the infinate tubes/DC/Nades/Ammo Cammando and Painkiller. Now there was a real POS game!

Gamestop game me close to $8.00 for MW2 and I still felt like I owed them dinner for giving me anything for that. lol...

I agree. MW2 was such an awful game IMO. It's my least favorite CoD ever. I do not understand how anyone can say MW3 is the worst. It is the best thing since MW1 and I like it better than WaW because I have gone sick of WW2 games since.. 10 years ago when developers went ape **** over WW2 games and the market was flooded with it.

I remember my friend telling me blops and MW are not the same game. Yes they are the same game, and somehow they pop out with undeserving 9s.

I loved Dynasty Warriors last gen. They did everything with each game to change the formula, but it was bashed with horrible scores like 4s for being the same game. Intruding things like RPG systems, legendary weapons, a strategic campaign.. customizable bodyguards, different campaigns for said game(Would be called DLC now) like Empires mode, where you tried to reunite China with either an officer or one of the leaders of a Dynasty. Also they added create a player throughout the PS2 for DW4..

Despite all the big changes, all game reviewers seemed to care about was the core gameplay being the same. Well, Call of Duty is guilty of the same ****. Only because it sells so amazingly well, reviewers are ready to kiss the butts of the game in order to please fans. They have Geico ads to sell: Lizard/Caveman/Stack of money with eyeballs/Guy in tux asking a question and a family guy like clip shows/Group of ppl I don't know asking how happy people are switching to Geico, they show the punch line first, then say the punchline of the joke at the end.

**** Geico, how are they saving people money on car insurance if they can't even decide on one advertising campaign. I know that woman from Progressive, that's their schtick.
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As if MW2 wasn't broken enough on it's own, that's also when everyone was getting Jtag hacks and spreading infections around. It took MS months to figure out how to slow down the hackers.

^Yeah forgot about all that BS too. Plus the 3-5 spam messages you get after each effin game for 10th prestige lobby hacks. Plus last stand as a perk. (added to my list bove)

Yeah MW2 was just awesome... <_<

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I feel that we can all agree that MW3 was the worst CoD yet.

to be honest, I think BO & MW3 are equally horrible....Thing is, they are horrible for totally different reasons.
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